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ABOUT LASHGOD media, LASHGOD HAS BRANCHED OUT INTO multi-level MEDIA DEVELOPMENT  AND WEBSITE BUILDING PLATFORM due to our companies own small business building struggles in the early phases it is our goal to simplify your brand building. In the last year, we have been able to completely change our approach to media by hiring the most skilled team of media and graphic experts with over 5 years of industry experience building websites from scratch and finding you the easiest website outlets you can pay a one time fee for and be extremely happy with the outcome and functionality of the website that you can manage on your own, purchase tutoring sessions or have us as your lifetime website management team. We offer a variety of web development packages, find the best one for your business.

WHAT WE'LL NEED FROM YOU: a general idea of what you want your website to look like and what service or products you’ll be advertising or selling online. We will need your own photos and descriptions of each individual service or product to best reflect your brand. Our user experience team will ensure the finality of your descriptions and web content are spell checked and worded for success. It’s important to include your pricing, policies, contact information, and key hooks on to your website. To best execute your vision we always suggest you sketch your ideal website and take time to explain your complete goal.


NO MAINTENANCE: $0 essentially the “no maintenance” package is us handing your website upon completion for you to take over and manage, we recommend this package for you if you have basic computer and website fundamental knowledge.  If you choose a simplistic website design on a WIX platform that is easy to groom on your own.

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